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Welcome to Ethylene Control Inc. We have been manufacturing ethylene gas removal products since 1986 and all products are made in our plant in Selma, CA. The products are used while in cold storages and during shipping to slow down the decay process of fruits, vegetables and floral. Our patented Power Pellets have been proven by University of California at Davis to be the most effective product of its kind. The pellets also have been proven to prevent molds, rots, bacteria and remove odors.

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Should I Worry About Ethylene Gas?

Should I Worry About Ethylene Gas?

Should I Worry About Ethylene Gas? University researchers findings imply that there is no...

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What our Customers are saying:

  • Freshpoint of Denver
    Malcomb's success has been the way the company handles its fruit. Since they have always been interested in managing ethylene, they place Ethylene Control's individual sachets in their tomato flats assuring customers of the freshest arrivals possible.

  • Ken

    Ken Starnes of SUPERVALU “We have indications that we are getting four to five days extension on shelf life in tomato storage alone. We lowered our ethylene levels in our storage rooms from 80 to 98.9% with the Ethylene Control scrubbers.”

  • Arkansas Tomato Shippers.
    Brooks Lisenbey, sales manager for ATS said "We've been using the Ethylene Control scrubbers for over four years and it has helped our arrivals in a big way,. Since we mix our commodities in the cooler, it is extremely critical that we keep ethylene levels as low as possible."