Sachets For Produce & Floral Products

Ethylene Control Power Pellet sachets. the best assurance you can get against poor arrivals and shipping adjustments. A single sachet per box protects continuously, from the packing line to the retail backroom by removing ethylene gas. If you use sachets you do not need to use a filter. We offer 5, 9 and 28 gram sachets for the floral and produce industry.

5 GRAM Used with LOW producing commodities, such as vegetables and flowers. In up to a 10 lb box.
9 GRAM Used with MEDIUM ethylene producing commodities, such as peaches, plums, nectarines, mangos, avocados. In up to a 30 lb box, or with oranges, lemons and limes, up to 40 lbs.
28 GRAM Used with HIGH ethylene producing commodities such as apples, pears and melons, In up to a 40 to 50 lb box. The 28 gram sachets are also used for produce and floral reach-ins, they come in 10 packs for this use. One per reach-in door and they last for 3 months.

As they work, environmentally friendly Power Pellets are transformed naturally into an organic fertilizer (manganese dioxide). Both packaging material and inks are FDA approved. Power Pellets are registered under U.S. patent numbers 5,278,112 and 5,314,852.