Filtration System

EC-3+ Air Filtration System For Large Floral & Produce Cold Storages


The EC-3+ system will reduce ethylene levels up to 98.9  percent to reduce shrink and extend shelf life. The EC-3+ filtration system which holds 100 lbs. of our patented Power Pellets. One EC-3+ filtration system can effectively lower ethylene gas readings in storage areas from 75,000 to 150,000 cubic feet, depending on the commodities being stored. In larger rooms more EC-3+ units are used Example: In a 300,000 cubic foot room you would need two EC-3+ systems.

Each unit uses 100 pounds of pellets to get the proper air speed across the pellets for the reaction time needed to remove the ethylene gas. The pellets start out a bright purple and turn brown from the outside in. You need the crush a half a handful of pellets after about 2 months to see how much purple is left. Then check the pellets about once a month. When there is 25% purple and 75% brown it is time to change the pellets.

Pellet life varies depending on commodity and storage conditions.  A single charge of Power Pellets can last three to six months or longer with produce and up to a year with floral.  At the end of your season, if the pellets aren’t used up, simply store them away in the original container and use them the next season.

You can place the unit most anywhere in the room as long as you don’t block the air flow. the units are on casters. Some customers build a angle iron frame take off the casters and mount the unit on the wall over the door out of the way. Our unit works in conjunction with your cooling system air movement.

To calculate your room size in cubic feet, simply multiply the length by the width by the height in feet.  The sum of your equation equals Cubic Feet. A (length/feet) x B (width/feet) x C (height/feet) = Cubic Feet Example: A 80 ft. X 50 ft. X 25 ft. = 100,000 Cubic Feet