Ethylene Control Inc., is the leading manufacture of ethylene removal products which protect fruits, vegetables and flowers From damaging ethylene gas & molds, rots and bacteria.

Filtration System

The EC-3+ system will reduce ethylene levels up to 98.9 percent to reduce shrink and extend shelf life.
One EC-3+ filtration system can effectively lower ethylene gas readings in storage areas from 75,000 to 150,000 cubic feet.



7″ x 18″ x 2″ Filters and the 2 lb Bag Filter are ideal for floral, supermarket and food service walk-in coolers, refrigerated trucks and containers including small cold storage rooms up to 3,000 cubic feet.



Ethylene Control Power Pellet sachets. the best assurance you can get against poor arrivals and shipping adjustments. A single sachet per box protects continuously, from the packing line to the retail backroom by removing ethylene gas.