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Winter 2013

Our newest home refrigerator product

Railex ships coast to coast with Ethylene Control Filters

Ethylene Control Power Pellets kill rots, molds, bacteria and odors.

Fall 2006

Quality produce for Tricar sales.

Ethylene Control Inc. 20 year anniversary.

The Incredible ‘En’ edible E.G.G for the home refrigerator.

Fall 2004

The Flower Market uses sachet with their flowers.

Pro Tree Nurseries has used EC-3+’s for 15 years.

SuperValu lowered their ethylene levels up to 98.9%.


Winter 2003

Stone Fruit from Fruit Patch!

Mangoes from Ecuador

New Gala Apple Test Results 


Winter 2002
Mandarin Oranges and ECI

Ta-De Distributing, Nogales, AZ

Armstrong Top Pack, Ontario 

Spring 2001
*Major Study, Australia*
*Wee-Ki Berries* 

Summer 2000


Fall 1999 {Apples/Tomatoes}

Spring 1999 {Citrus/Oriental Vegetables}

Fall 1998 {Tomatoes/Mold & Rot}

Summer 1997 {Persimmons/Melons}

Winter 1997 {Tomato/Apples/Grapes}

Winter 1996 {Apple}

Fall 1996 {Stone Fruit/Bananas}

Spring 1996 {Peaches/Bananas/Citrus-Mold}

Fall 1995 {Melons/Kiwi}

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